Mission Statement

KlusterRadio Media, LLC (KRM) is a cluster of independent radio stations committed to program the best streaming radio stations worldwide. We might be classified as Internet radio but we are actually streaming live and operate as any other traditional radio station. We broadcast several genres of music, Smooth Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Adult Contemporary, Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop. Bringing people together through communication, music, news, and information. We are here to serve all independents and mainstream artists to promote great music.


Kluster Radio Media, LLC is targeted to an streaming audience of listeners of 18 -54. KRM stations are linking the diverse populations of the world producing the foremost in news, community service programming, and creating promotions of pure excitement.

The Stations

Formats: Urban Contemporary

Frequency: Streaming Live

Apple App, Google App, Alexa, iTunes(JazzBeatsRadio), iHeartRadio App, Apple Car-Play, and the world wide web.

The Station



Darrel Davis, CEO/General Manager


Robert L. Jackson, Social Media Director